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10 Questions with a CI Young Professional: Saumil Maniar

Friday, January 12, 2018

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Saumil Maniar, P.E.

The members of CI's Young Professionals Council are an accomplished and energetic group of young engineers who are making substantial contributions to CI's events and activities. We've invited them to enable you to get to know them by answering 10 questions, and, each month, we will feature one of the council's members.

Saumil Maniar, P.E., is the FY2018 chair of the CI Young Professionals Council, and represents the council on the CI Board of Governors. He is an Associate with PMA Consultants from their New York office, and is experienced in estimating, scheduling and project controls. Saumil has been an ASCE member for 8 years and is a registered P.E. in Connecticut. 

  1. Education? - M.S. in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech.
  2. When was the first time you stepped onto a construction site? - As a young primary schooler, my first site visit was to a shopping mall site with my uncle.
  3. Favorite project you've worked on? - My favorite project is the East Side Access project in New York, NY. It is a multi-billion-dollar project involving the construction of tunnels and railroads, affecting actively operated subway. Construction on this project started in 2008.
  4. What is the most interesting task you have been asked to do on the job? - As a newbie engineer, I had to spend Friday nights beside rail tracks observing steel erection over rail and overhead wire. It made me realize that night work is seriously slow, can only be done in limited hours and is extremely cold in the Northeast. I have so much respect for laborers who do this work in freezing temperatures.
  5. What is the most challenging task you have been asked to do? - I am sure there will be more challenges ahead, but my first month as an estimator was extremely challenging. I had applied and interviewed for a scheduling role.
  6. What inspired you to choose engineering/construction? - I've had the unfortunate experience of living through an earthquake. I still remember that day and I don't think I will ever forget the destruction. It made me so curious about civil engineering and construction that I have never looked back.
  7. First job? - Office assistant for a real estate developer.
  8. Worst job? - I worked with a catering company at a football stadium. I was always working when the game was going on!
  9. Secret Talents? - I can paint using acrylic and pastel colors, and have sold paintings.
  10. How did you get involved in the Construction Institute? - I attended the 2010 CI Student Days and reached out to the staff to get involved with YPC in 2014.