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10 Questions with a CI Young Professional: Peyton Gibson

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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Peyton Gibson

The members of CI's Young Professionals Council are an accomplished and energetic group of young engineers who are making substantial contributions to CI's events and activities. We've invited them to enable you to get to know them by answering 10 questions, and, each month, we will feature one of the council's members.

Peyton Gibson is the FY2018 secretary of the CI Young Professionals Council and the Media Chair for the ASCE-MN Younger Members Group. She is an analyst with Kimley-Horn and Associates in their Twin Cities Office. Peyton has been an ASCE member for 4 years. Her experience is in land development and project controls.

  1. Education? - B.S. in Civil Engineering from Colorado School of Mines.
  2. When was the first time you stepped on a construction site? - Freshman year of college, I toured the VA Hospital that was under construction in Denver with my student ASCE chapter. It is still one of the biggest sites I've been on to this day, and my first real introduction to ASCE and civil engineering.
  3. Favorite project you've worked on? - I got the chance to intern with a contractor in upstate NY where I worked QA/QC on a several-billion-dollar aqueduct tunneling project. I learned from very experienced miners who helped build some of NYC's busiest subway lines.
  4. What is the most interesting task you have been asked to do on the job? - During my construction management internship with Disney, I worked a lot with the Food and Beverage Department to build new quick-serve food locations. One morning I got called to one of the locations that hadn't opened yet and was asked to taste test the menu by the Executive Chef of Hollywood Studios!
  5. What is the most challenging task you have been asked to do? - I have never been great at learning engineering software, so when I started my position with Kimley-Horn as an Analyst, I was faced with the daunting task of becoming literate in AutoCAD. It's been an uphill battle at some points, but learning new tools on the job can be very fulfilling (and make life a lot easier).
  6. What inspired you to choose engineering/construction? - I've always been a "big picture" thinker and love seeing things I've worked on come together to benefit others. Civil engineering and construction also allow me to put my skills of leadership, collaboration, and adaptability to use, while still having a technical component.
  7. First job? - Administrative Intern at the American Embassy to Rome, Italy.
  8. Favorite Travel spot? - Montreal, Canada.
  9. Secret Talents? - I like to think I'm a pretty good artist.  I can also kick some butt backpacking/hiking and backcountry/downhill skiing.
  10. How did you get involved in the Construction Institute? - I attended CI's Student Days in Orange County in 2015 and CI Summit 2016, and then asked staff if I could get even more involved and began helping out at Student Days in 2017. I love that I am able to get involved with ASCE on a national level already as such a young member.