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10 Questions with a CI Young Professional: Greg Moore

Monday, February 12, 2018

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Greg Moore

The members of CI's Young Professionals Council are an accomplished and energetic group of young engineers who are making substantial contributions to CI's events and activities. We've invited them to enable you to get to know them by answering 10 questions, and, each month, we will feature one of the council's members.

Greg Moore, PMP, A.M.ASCE, is the FY2018 Past Chair of the CI Young Professionals Council and a Governor on the CI Board of Governors. He is Capital Projects Manager at The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina, where he manages capital design and construction projects across campus. For the past 8 years he has supported Department of Defense projects in various roles, including bidding, design and construction.

  1. Education? - B.S. in Civil Engineering (transportation focus) from the University of South Carolina, MS in Project Management from The Citadel (program management)
  2. When was the first time you stepped on a construction site? - when my parents built our new house while I was in high school
  3. Favorite project you've worked on? - My favorite project in the construction phase would have to be when I built the Ground Support Equipment Shop, in support of the F-35B program at MCAS Beaufort. My favorite project in the bidding phase would have to be the Grand Parkway Loop in Houston, supporting TXDOT.
  4. Your worst job? -  The worst job environment/task I have ever had to complete was inspection of sewer systems on a military installation in support of their master plan for the next 20 years.
  5. Favorite Travel spot? - any location where I can spend time in the water and SCUBA dive
  6. Secret Talents? - A talent that most people do not know I have is creating corporate websites. This was a business venture that I had in high school, with my best friend, and most sites still exist today.
  7. What is the most interesting task you have been asked to do on the job? -  The most interesting task that I have ever been asked to complete would have to be watching a subcontractor remove aircraft rubber from landing on an Air Force runway over a weekend shut-down...most people would say watching paint dry!
  8. What is the most challenging task you have been asked to do? -  The most challenging task that I have ever been asked to complete was to produce a phased logistics schedule for the construction of an Army Command Center.
  9. What inspired you to choose engineering/construction? -  What inspired me to choose engineering as my field of study during college was my interest in building things from a young age, whether that be in the sand at the beach, or with LEGOS. What inspired me to choose construction as my profession after college was working for design engineers who could follow what the design standards read in the book, but did not know how their designs were actually built in the field. When they would receive constructability problems during design and/or construction, they would not have a response. The final "push" for construction, prior to graduation, was my attendance at Student Days in 2010.
  10. How did you get involved in the Construction Institute? - My first introduction was attending Student Days  in 2010 in Keystone, CO. After attending, and leading the team that won the challenge, I was asked to join the planning committee for Student Days in 2011. This led me to chair the Student Days committee for a number of years, and then join the the YPC executive board and serve as its chair.