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President's Message: Think Globally, Act Locally

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

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Think Globally, Act Locally. We hear this phrase often when it comes to environmental stewardship and sustainability. The idea that our local actions can have an impact on the planet as a whole is a powerful thought. I also think of this phrase when people ask me how they can get more involved with COPRI.  

There are a number of great technical committees within COPRI and they meet at various locations throughout the country. To get involved in one of these committees is a great way to make an impact on the organization and in the profession. However, not everyone has the ability to travel to committee meetings, but they still want to get involved. To this, I recommend getting involved in one of COPRI's Professional Chapters , or consider starting a chapter in your area.  

This past year two additional local COPRI chapters were established, bringing the total number of local chapters to five. The five local chapters include Boston, Los Angeles, Louisiana, New York, and Northern New Jersey. We hope to see additional local chapters formed in the coming year. 

Besides the local COPRI Chapters, many of the ASCE Sections and Branches have technical committees focused on the disciplines included within COPRI.  It is my hope that these technical committees at the section and branch level will organize as local COPRI Chapters. By organizing COPRI local chapters, greater communication and collaboration between the national COPRI committees and local professionals in coastal, port, ocean, and navigation engineering can occur.

This edition of the Waterways Newsletter marks my first opportunity to address the COPRI community. It is my honor to serve as the President of COPRI for the coming year and I want to thank Jane Smith our outgoing President for providing me such a great example to follow.

I also wish to congratulate Jane on becoming a Distinguished Member of ASCE. Not only is this a great personal accomplishment, but is also a recognition that all COPRI members can be proud of.  This past year was full of successes including the addition of two local chapters, successful conferences including the ICCE Conference in Korea, and the first COPRI leadership Summit in Boston.  

I look forward to serving the Institute this year, and invite you to contact me with your comments or suggestions on how COPRI can serve you better.