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Organizational Member Spotlight on IWR

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Institute for Water Resources (IWR) was formed 45 years ago to provide the USACE Civil Works Program with the capability to analyze and anticipate emerging water resource trends and issues facing our nation.

From its beginnings, responding to the sweeping changes in water development policies and the passage of the National Environmental Policy Act in 1969, IWR has been tackling the water resources challenges coming from an ever increasing public demand for water projects and the policy and technological challenges of the 21st Century.

As such, there remains a compelling need for professional, independent scholars to pursue innovative approaches to solving these new problems in a collegial and nonpartisan environment that IWR provides.

IWR occupies a unique position within the USACE Civil Works program. It is not part of the USACE Headquarters or a District or Division, but rather a field operating activity under the supervision of the Director for USACE Civil Works. 

IWR's challenging mission remains integral to shaping the evolution of the Federal water resources policy as decision-makers at all levels within USACE look to IWR for insights into a host of perplexing economic, environmental and social issues.

The Institute shares its expertise in providing research and direction for future water resources challenges through its national and international partnerships.

In addition to its National Capital Region, IWR has several designated centers of expertise and technical centers:

  • Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC)
  • Navigation and Civil Works Decision Support Center (NDC)
  • NDC Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center (WCSC)
  • Risk Management Center (RMC)
  • International Center for Integrated Water Resource Management (ICIWaRM
  • Conflict Resolution & Public Participation Center of Expertise (CPCX) 
  • World Association of Waterborne Transport Infrastructure (PIANC)

PIANC and COPRI co-sponsor two highly successful specialty conference series together - Dredging and PORTS.

Dredging 2015 will be held in Savannah, GA, October 19 - 22, 2015.  The theme, Moving and Managing Sediments , will include presentations on all types of dredging projects from navigation channel deepening and maintenance to environmental restoration to the development of new ports and marinas. Mark the conference dates on your calendar and start making plans to submit an abstract by January 2015.

PORTS '16 will be held in New Orleans, LA, June 12 - 15, 2016.  Ports: Gateways to a World of Opportunities will be the fourteenth in a series of
international port and harbor development specialty conferences held on a triennial basis since 1977. Abstract, session and short course proposals are due by April 8, 2015. 

IWR Director