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New COPRI Student Chapter formed at Stevens Institute of Technology

Friday, March 20, 2015

The first event of the newly formed Stevens Institute of Technology COPRI Chapter was to invite Andrew Cairns, COPRI President and Met Section Professional Chapter President, to introduce students COPRI, the local professional chapter, and to give a broad overview of the role of professional societies in the engineering industry. 

Cairns joined students at the Davidson Laboratory and gave a detailed presentation on how COPRI works, how to get involved, and what challenges students face in the future as young professionals. Cairns also spoke on the importance of networking and being a fully engaged part of the engineering community.

Cairns further explained the work of a professional in the port construction industry in the north-east area, and students discussed summer internship opportunities. The SIT Chapter is interested in hosting additional guest speakers to learn more about the industry's professionals and leaders. Networking and staying in touch with other professionals and being informed about new trends in the industry is a huge part of success.

The SIT Chapter would like all Stevens ocean engineering students interested in professional networking to join and get the most of ASCE and COPRI membership, and to contribute their time and expertise to the chapter. The Chapter's future goals include:

  • Student members stay involved in COPRI and a professional chapter after graduation
  • Encourage future students to pursue their life and career goals, and
  • To participate in COPRI fully, as the strength of the chapter and the society as a whole lies with its members.