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COPRI LSU Student Chapter Visits ERDC

Thursday, September 15, 2016

The COPRI - LSU Student Chapter recently organized a field trip to the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) in Vicksburg, MS. Nine LSU students, mostly master and Ph.D. students with technical water-related backgrounds, were led by Mr. Keith Flowers and Mr. David May of the USACE.

Demonstration by Mr. Thad Pratt in the Sediment Lab of the ERDC The day consisted of visiting the Mississippi River Museum in Vicksburg, lunch at 10 South overlooking the Mississippi River, and a tour of the ERDC facilities. The following ERDC staff gave thorough presentations and tours of the facilities. 

  • Dr. Ahmad Tavakoly and Dr. Chris Massey presented on AutoRAPID and CSTORM 
  • Mr. Dennis Webb demonstrated the Ship Tow Simulator 
  • Mr. Thad Pitt gave a tour of the Sediment Laboratory 
  • Dr. Duncan Bryant demonstrated the Dune Overtopping Physical Model, and
  • Ms. Wipawi Vanadit - Ellis gave a tour of the largest centrifuge in the Centrifuge Research Facility.

ERDC addresses problems in "civil and military engineering, geospatial sciences, water resources, and environmental sciences for the Army, Department of Defense, civilian agencies, and our Nation's pubic good" with the goal of becoming "the world's premier public engineering and environmental sciences research and development organization."

The COPRI - LSU Student Chapter will continue to provide interesting opportunities like this to the students of LSU. If you're interested in becoming a member email the officers Cody Johnson at or Chris Siverd at .