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ACOPNE Adds New Academy Associate Category

Friday, October 21, 2016

The Academy of Coastal, Ocean, Port & Navigation Engineers (ACOPNE) Academy Associate is a professional engineer, who actively practices in one or more of the specialty fields defined in Article 2 of the Bylaws, satisfies all requirements for certification, except does not yet have twelve years of qualifying professional experience in one or more of the specialty fields identified in Article 2.  

The Academy Associate is required to take an examination, and must hold a current license to practice professional engineering, adhere to the Academy's Code of Ethics, and comply with the requirements for continuing professional development.

Academy Associates shall be subject to the same application process as Diplomates, as specified in Section 8.4 of the Bylaws.  Academy Associates hold no certifications established by the Academy and are entitled to no credentials authorized by the Academy.  Academy Associates are not eligible to serve as Academy trustees.

ACOPNE Bylaws can be located on the About Us page of the website. 

ACOPNE Quick facts:

  • Fee is $150 (1/2 of regular application)
  • Renewal is $75 (1/2 of regular renewal)
  • Academy Associates will pay an additional $300 when they apply to become a full Diplomat
  • Associate would be listed on ACOPNE website and announced in a COPRI newsletter (no credential
  • Recognition letter will be sent to boss