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Dr. Kyung Doug Suh Awarded the 2020 International Coastal Engineering Award

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Please join COPRI in congratulating Kyung Doug Suh, Ph.D., D.CE as the recipient of the 2020 International Coastal Engineering Award.


 Dr. Suh is recognized for his, "research and advances in wave theory and the design of coastal structures, his numerous contributions to academic publishing, and his stewardship of generations of coastal engineers."


Dr. Suh has published more than 90 international journal papers with highly cited papers regarding a variety of coastal engineering topics such as wave mechanics, coastal structures, analytical and numerical modeling, etc.


After his retirement from the faculty at Seoul National University, he continued to study machine learning for coastal structure. Recently, in the Coastal Structures conference in 2019, Dr. Suh gave a keynote speech on his machine learning research.


Dr. Suh also served as an editor for both international and Korean society of coastal engineering. Especially in Korea, Dr. Suh contributed to the development of coastal engineering with warm leadership. His mentees continue his work at universities, industries, and research institutes globally.


Dr. Suh may be best known for his work on breakwaters and perforated walls of various types and their interaction with waves (he has written two book chapters on this topic and several papers). He also worked on the mild-slope equation and its use for rapidly varying bottoms, modeling of shorelines, wave damping by the bottom, nearshore currents, etc. While much of his work is of an academic nature, he has sought to provide engineers with the tools to design structures better, with papers on safety factors, optimum stone weights, breakwater stability, etc.