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Dr. Lesley C. Ewing Awarded the 2020 Orville T. Magoon Award

Thursday, July 9, 2020

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Dr. Lesley Ewing, Recipient of the 2020 Orville T. Magoon Sustainable Coasts Award

Please join COPRI in congratulating Lesley C. Ewing, Ph.D., P.E., D.CE, M.ASCE as the recipient of the 2020 Orville T. Magoon Sustainable Coasts Award.

The Orville T. Magoon Sustainable Coasts Award is given in recognition of outstanding contributions to sustainable engineering practices in managing shorelines and coastal infrastructure through research, design, construction, or management of the natural and built environment in the coastal zone. The award recognizes the balance of coastal values with project needs.

Dr. Ewing is recognized for her "lifelong dedication and significant contributions to coastal sustainability." She is an active and dedicated member of ASCE and has played a crucial role in the sustainability of our coasts.

During her career, she been one of the driving forces in the creation and continued organization of COPRI's Solutions to Coastal Disasters, the specialty conference series envisioned by Mr. Magoon as an interdisciplinary conference to unite engineers, scientists, coastal planners, and other experts in the exchange research ideas for solving coastal disasters, a key components of coastal sustainability. The conference series has had a tremendous impact on the careers of many engineering professionals and has resulted in scholarly publications that are widely cited in the area of coastal disasters.

In addition to her role in the Solutions to Coastal Disasters conference series, Dr. Ewing has served ASCE/COPRI as the chair of the Coastal Zone Management Committee and member of the Rubble Mound Structures Committee. In addition to ASCE, Dr. Ewing has served as the director of the Coastal Zone Foundation and has been a past president of the California Shore and Beach Preservation Association. She is currently the editor in chief of the Shore and Beach magazine.