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Disaster Response

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  • American Red Cross - Provides humanitarian assistance and disaster relief initiatives including feeding stations, first aid, temporary shelter, cleaning supplies, hygiene kits, food, clothing, emergency transportation, home repairs and medical supplies.

    The Salvation Army - Provides emergency aid including mass and mobile feeding, temporary shelter, counseling, search and rescue, medical assistance and resource distribution.

    AmeriCares - Works with local government and health agencies to distribute medical supplies so they can provide as much life-saving care as possible. AmeriCares remains in the disaster-affected area until the health system recovers.

    SBP - Founded in 2006 after Hurricane Katrina, SBP's main objective is to shrink the time between the initial disaster and the recovery/rebuilding phase.

    Feeding America - The nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organization, the network provides food and supplies to communities affected by natural disasters.

    Volunteers of America - Engages in initial response services aimed at meeting the critical needs of disaster victims.

    National Organization for Victim Assistance - Provides mitigation services for individuals and families who experience trauma after a disaster.

    Team Rubicon - Combining the skills of military veterans with those of first responders and medical professionals, this flooding-oriented organization operates in areas considered too dangerous by other disaster relief organizations.

    UNICEF USA - Emergency response teams bring lifesaving relief after a hurricane hits, including medicines and nutrition supplements for children and nursing mothers; tents and temporary shelters for families, and more.

    All Hands and Hearts - Helps to meet the short and long term needs of disaster-affected communities. It works with community members to build disaster-resilient schools, homes and infrastructure..

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    Have you been a victim of a natural disaster, or are you volunteering to assist in the aftermath? A discussion is available at ASCE Collaborate to offer your experiences.

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