Future Weather & Climate Extremes Series 

This webinar introduces New York City’s climate change adaptation initiatives including (i) the work being produced by the NYC Panel on Climate Change (NPCC); (ii) the NYC Mayor’s Office of Resiliency’s Climate Resiliency Design Guidelines (CRDG); and (iii) the recently enacted Local Law 41 which introduced a pilot program for certain NYC capital projects to adhere to the CRDG and further achieve a climate resiliency score metric.

The NPCC is a critical part of the Mayor’s Office of Resiliency initiatives, and comprises a 20-member independent advisory body that synthesizes climate change data for the NYC-area. NPCC started in 2009 and was codified in Local Law 42 of 2012. NPCC Assessment Reports provide authoritative, actionable science on future climate impacts to the NYC-area. Dr. Christian Braneon, NPCC Co-chair, will discuss his involvement with the NPCC process and how it promotes inclusive climate action and climate-smart planning to achieve region-wide resilience and environmental justice.

The CRDG provide step-by-step instructions to go beyond building codes and standards, which are informed by historic climate data, by looking to site-specific, future-focused climate data for use in the design of private and public structures and infrastructures. The CRDG have been developed in coordination with the NPCC and provide a framework for a holistic design process – during project scoping or request for proposal (RFP) development, through preliminary and final design – for new construction and substantial improvements. Erika Jozwiak will discuss her role at the NYC Mayor’s Office of Climate and Environmental Justice in implementing the CRDG and Local Law 41.

Future Weather & Climate Extremes Series

The third series of virtual events will continue exploring the 2021 ASCE publication, “The Impacts of Future Weather and Climate Extremes on United States’ Infrastructure: Assessing and Prioritizing Adaptation Actions.” The publication, and the previous two event series, explore both the vulnerability of the United States’ infrastructure to current weather and climate extremes and the fragility of these systems in the face of climate change. The publication was released in Fall of 2021 and is now available from the ASCE Library. Series 3 offers three sessions focusing on Coastal and Climate Change Adaptation from the coastal region in Virginia, to the greater metropolitan areas of New York City, and on a national scale in Canada.

Series 3: Schedule-At-A-Glance