ICCE 2024

September 8-14, 2024  |  Rome, Italy 

The International Conference on Coastal Engineering (ICCE) is a biennial conference held under the auspices of the Coastal Engineering Research Council of the Coasts, Oceans, Ports, Rivers Institute (COPRI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers. The goal of the ICCE is to promote academic and technical exchange on coastal related studies covering a wide range of topics including coastal waves, nearshore currents, coastal structures, sediment transport, coastal morphology, beach nourishment, natural hazards, and coastal management. 

The Conference is open to a wide range of attendees. Public and private researchers, practitioners, industry professionals, public agencies, and policymakers involved in the coastal engineering themes, private firms including manufacturers, management companies, utilities, and software houses, makes the ICCE a diverse platform for sharing and exchanging ideas related to coastal engineering. It’s an ideal opportunity for young professionals from engineering backgrounds to enhance their professional and technical development.

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