Date: October 19, 2021  

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SPONSORED WEBINAR provided by Alliance for PE Pipe

The fifth in a series of HDPE webinars sponsored by the Alliance for PE Pipe. The true testament of the long term performance, durability, resilience and workability of HDPE is the design of the raw material and strength of the fusion process. The ability for the HDPE to repeatedly be heated and cooled with the resulting joint being as strong or stronger than the original material speaks to its maximum workability in the field during the construction process. This webinar will present on all types of fusion, certification for fusion operators and fusion equipment will provide demonstrations for successful and unsuccessful fusions and what things to look for with fusion inspection. 

Moderator: Peter Dyke, Executive Director, Alliance for PE Pipe

Speakers: Alan Ambler, AM Trenchless; Brett Stone, McElroy; Roger Rutherford, Georg Fischer; Rusty Reeves, Core and Main.