Date: October 5, 2021

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SPONSORED WEBINAR provided by Alliance for PE Pipe

The fourth in a series of HDPE webinars sponsored by the Alliance for PE Pipe. HDPE Strength of Standards is a descriptive and thorough session intended to provide the diligent civil engineer and owner with a comprehensive background on the established standards supporting all things HDPE. This webinar will provide a history of the development of standards governing manufacturing and working with HDPE, established design guidelines, and technical notes and reports addressing specific issues. The webinar will also take the massive expanse of available technical information and point the attendee towards easy to use software for everyday civil engineering design utilization. With three webinars already outlining the fundamentals of HDPE and its installation, this webinar provides broad documented success through available standards and design guides. Attendees will go away with knowledge of standards governing manufacturing, design and use of HDPE as standards and design guides for HDPE projects. 

Moderator: Peter Dyke, Executive Director, Alliance for PE Pipe

Speakers: Alan Ambler, AM Trenchless; Jim Johnston, McElroy; Rusty Reeves, Core and Main.