Date: November 2, 2021  

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SPONSORED WEBINAR provided by Alliance for PE Pipe

The last in a six part series of HDPE webinars sponsored by the Alliance for PE Pipe. The primary causes of failure for municipal pipelines are soil displacement, corrosion and fatigue which are solved by the installation of HDPE. The HDPE industry dominates the natural gas utility market where even minimal failure can cause severe property damage or even death. The HDPE industry has been migrating these advances to the municipal water and wastewater markets while bringing decades worth of lessons learned and innovation through improved fittings, productivity equipment, defensible practices and design guidelines. This webinar will also address very specific operating failure scenarios such as operation during forest fires and other unique situations. This webinar culminates the last in a six part ASCE series to finalize the need for adoption into your municipal program as soon as possible. 

Moderator: Peter Dyke, Executive Director, Alliance for PE Pipe

Speakers: Alan Ambler, AM Trenchless; Richard Kolasa, WL Plastics; Doug Keller, Lyondell Bassell; Rusty Reeves, Core and Main.