Weeks 1–3

  • Introduction
  • Geotechnical explorations that include considerations for geotechnical explorations, desk study, surveying, field explorations, laboratory testing, and reporting

Weeks 4–6

  • Interpretation of geotechnical exploration data
  • Seismic hazards, including hazard studies, site-response analyses, liquefaction evaluations, and seismic slope stability
  • Geotechnical design criteria, including codes/guidelines/standards and the criteria typically used for geotechnical design of port facilities, including for extreme loading conditions

Weeks 7–9

  • Geotechnical design of pile supported structures, bulkheads, land reclamation, breakwaters, dolphins, ships channels, and embankment slopes

Weeks 10–12

  • Summary of ground improvement methods
  • Construction considerations
  • Other topics that include advanced analyses, stages construction, evaluations for existing facilities, etc.

This course outline is subject to change.