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Weeks 1–4

Introduction and technical background

  • Week 1: Introduction and fundamental concepts of computer methods of structural analysis, description of limit states that must be assessed in prescriptive and performance‐based codes
  • Week 2: Overview of the finite element method (frame, shell, and membrane elements)
  • Week 3: 3‐D computer modeling of building structures
  • Week 4: Boundary conditions, constraints conditions, modeling of structural elements and connections

Weeks 5–8

Development of mathematical models

  • Week 5: Modeling the diaphragms (flexible, semi‐rigid, rigid)
  • Week 6: Soil‐foundation‐structure interaction
  • Week 7: Approaches for validation of computed response
  • Week 8: Detailed case study: analysis of multi‐story buildings under loads

Weeks 9–12

Advanced topics

  • Week 9: Second order effects
  • Week 10: Sensitivity analysis and optimization using virtual work
  • Week 11: Structural dynamics
  • Week 12: Topics related to seismic and wind load effects

This course outline is subject to change.