Weeks 1–3

  • Introduction to reinforced concrete seismic force resisting systems including concrete materials, concrete confining, and steel reinforcement.
  • Special moment resisting frames (design, detailing, and capacity-based design)
  • Intermediate and ordinary moment resisting frames (design, detailing, and capacity-based requirements)

Weeks 4–6

  • Special RC shear walls and coupled shear walls
  • Ordinary RC shear walls and precast ordinary and intermediate shear walls
  • Introduction to steel seismic force resisting systems (systems overview, materials, important definitions)

Weeks 7–9

  • Special steel moment frames (design, detailing, AISC 358, and capacity design principles)
  • Ordinary and intermediate moment frames (design, detailing, connections, and capacity-based principles)
  • Concentrically braced frames (not detailed for seismic, ordinary, and special)

Weeks 10–12

  • Buckling-restrained braced frames (system description, design, and detailing requirements)
  • Steel plate shear walls and EBF overview (system description, design, and detailing)
  • Diaphragm detailing, complete seismic load path, and course review

This course outline is subject to change