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Note: For 6 week accelerated courses, content will be released at a pace of 2 sessions per week. For 12 week courses, the pace will be 1 session per week.

Sessions 1–3

  • Climatology of wind storms
  • The language of wind engineering
  • Wind engineering basics

Sessions 4–6

  • Wind hazard maps - how to read and interpret them
  • Determining a site-specific wind speed
  • ASCE 7 wind design provisions

Sessions 7–9

  • Wind tunnel testing
  • Using data from multiple sources to solve a wind design problem
  • Solving a wind pressure problem for the structural frame

Sessions 10–12

  • Solving a wind pressure problem for components and cladding
  • Tornado design using ASCE 7
  • Performance-based wind design and course review

This course outline is subject to change.