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Engineering Mechanics Institute

  • Created on October 1, 2007, the Engineering Mechanics Institute (EMI) replaces the former ASCE Engineering Mechanics Division. 

  • Vision

    To be a premier organization representing engineering mechanics by effectively serving the needs of the worldwide engineering community and promoting both research and application of scientific and mathematical principles to address a broad spectrum of existing and emerging engineering and societal problems.


    • To serve the engineering community through the development and application of engineering mechanics by anticipating and adapting to new challenges that will face tomorrow's engineers;
    • To create an environment that facilitates professional growth to ensure that these future challenges will be met; 
    • To establish a presence at the forefront of new thrusts of mechanics by promoting the most innovative developments in the field, regardless of the discipline of the ultimate user; 
    • To provide a home not only for those involved in the traditional disciplines, but also for those involved with emerging areas of mechanics; and 
    • To promote the interdependence of engineering mechanics and other disciplines by providing an interdisciplinary forum for researchers, practicing engineers, industry representatives, citizen groups, public officials and others.


    The objective of this Institute shall be to serve the needs of the engineering community by advancing the knowledge and improving the application of engineering mechanics and related sciences, and by contributing across a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary areas to address the needs of the 21st century.


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    EMI President

    Pol D.Spanos, Ph.D, PE, Fellow EMI, Dist.Member ASCE 
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