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National Academy of Engineering publishes 21st Memorial Tributes Volume

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The National Academy of Engineering published the 21st Volume in the series Memorial Tributes as a personal remembrance of the lives and outstanding achievements of its members and foreign associates. These volumes are intended to stand as an enduring record of the many contributions of engineers and engineering to the benefit of humankind. In most cases, the authors of the tributes are contemporaries or colleagues who had personal knowledge of the interests and the engineering accomplishments of the deceased. 

Download free Memorial Tributes (PDF)

The engineering mechanics community will recognize many prestigious names, including: John Blume (p. 51); Yih-Hsing Pao, the recipient of the 2012 Mindlin Medal (p. 313); and Egor Popov, the recipient of the 1981 Newmark Medal and the 1987 Norman Medal and the 1961 Chair of the Executive Committee of the Engineering Mechanics Division (p. 331).