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EMI Board Of Governors Election Results 2018

Friday, July 6, 2018

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Sankaran Mahadevan

The EMI Nominating Committee met to review the nominations received from the EMI membership and, following article 8.1 of the EMI bylaws, established the slate of candidates for one open position on the EMI Board of Governors to serve from October 1, 2018 to September 30, 2021.  The election ran from June 4 to July 2, with Professor Sankaran Mahadevan elected by the EMI membership.  Congratulations Maha!


If elected, I am interested in making strong contributions in three directions: (1) increase industry and government participation in EMI activities; (2) expand EMI's portfolio to exploit emerging new research topics in advanced materials, mechanics in extreme environments, mechanical resilience, and information fusion; and (3) expand educational initiatives related to new research advances using new dissemination technologies.

The EMI conferences have established a strong reputation for presenting excellent fundamental research,and it is advantageous to our community to publicize this among industry and government organizations that benefit from our work. I would like to strongly pursue industry-government-academia interactions and new opportunities for fruitful, not only for individual researchers but for the community as a whole, defining new research directions and programs, and thus advancing the state of the art.

Due to my wide-ranging research portfolio in civil, mechanical and aerospace structures (funded by NSF, NASA, FAA, NIST, DOD, DOE, and DOT, several national laboratories, and the energy, aerospace and manufacturing industries), I see many emerging opportunities for new engineering mechanics research.  Whether it is miniature devices, energetic materials, development of new energy sources, mechanical behavior under extreme environments, or degradation and resilience of materials and structures, I see opportunities for the EMI community to fill in gaps that are not adequately addressed by other professional organizations. I would like to work with EMI colleagues to expand and leverage our committee activities, publications and educational programs to exploit these opportunities.

While the EMI community is making tremendous research advances in engineering mechanics, the widely available educational materials are not keeping pace with these advances. Thus there is a significant need for developing new educational materials, especially through modern delivery mechanisms such as webinars. I would like to work with EMI colleagues to strongly expand our educational offerings in new areas of engineering mechanics.