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EMI Student Competitions 2019 Winners

Friday, June 28, 2019

The Engineering Mechanics Student Competitions were open to any student authors of a contribution to the EMI 2019 Conference.

The winners were announced at the awards banquet on Thursday, June 21, 2019 at the Conference.

  1. The Computational Mechanics Committee Student Poster Competition
    (Chair: Prof. Haim Waisman)
    Winner - Adrian Egger, ETH Zürich   
    Runner Up - Xiaohui Tu, Johns Hopkins University  
    Runner Up - Xiaoshu Zeng, University of Southern California
  2. The Dynamics Committee Student Paper Competition
    (Chair: Dr. Hamed Ebrahimian)
    Winner - Mostafa Mirshekari,  Carnegie Mellon University   
    Runner Up - Maria Katsidoniotaki, Columbia University
    Runner Up - Herta Montoya, Purdue University
  3. The Fluid Dynamics Committee Student Paper Competition
    (Chair: Prof. Ning Zhang)
    Winner - Reda Snaiki, The State University of New York at Buffalo   
  4. Geo-Institute Soil Properties and Modeling Student Poster Competition
    (Chair: Prof. Brina Montoya)
    1st - Shashank Agarwal,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology     
    1st -  Yanni Chen, Northwestern University   
    Runner Up - Keshab Thapa,  North Dakota State University
  5. The Modeling Inelasticity & Multiscale Behavior Committee Student Paper Competition  
    (Chair: Prof. Chung Song)
    1st Place - Y. C. Zhang, Columbia University
    Runner Up - M. Zadshir, Columbia University   
    Runner Up - Tingtao Zhou, Massachusetts Institute of Technology   
    Runner Up - Mohmad Mohsin Thakur, The University of Tennessee
  6. The Objective Resilience Committee Student Paper Competition
    (Chair: Dr. Mohammed Ettouney)
    1st Place - May Haggag,  McMaster University   
    2nd Place - Mostafa Naiem,  McMaster University
    3rd Place - Ahmed Gondia,  McMaster University
  7. Poromechanics Student Poster Competition  
    (Chair: Prof. Giuseppe Buscarnera)
    1st - Hoang Nguyen, Northwestern University   
    Runner Up - Alexandre Guevel, Duke University      
    Runner Up -  Wei Zhang,  The Pennsylvania State University
  8. The Probabilistic Methods Committee Student Paper Competition
    (Chair: Prof. Michael Shields)
    Winner - Arthriya Suksuwan, University of Michigan
    Winner -  Ioannis Petromichelakis, Columbia University
    Winner - Charalampos Andriotis,  The Pennsylvania State University
  9. Stability Student Paper Competition
    (Chair: Prof. Ahmer Wadee)
    Winner - Luke Lapira,  Imperial College London
  10. The Structural Health Monitoring & Control Committee Student Paper Competition    
    (Chair: Prof. Nicholas Wierschem)
    1st Place - Rih-Teng Wu, Purdue University   
    2nd Place - Charalampos Andriotis,  The Pennsylvania State University   
    3rd Place - Yuguang Fu,  The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign