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EMI Objective Resilience Student Paper Competition

Friday, January 17, 2020

Sponsored by the: EMI Objective Resilience Committee (ORC)
Chair: Dr. Mohammed Ettouney


To encourage and promote research, development, understanding, successful and efficient applications of infrastructure resilience in an objective manner, Objective Resilience Committee is sponsoring a student paper competition to commence during the upcoming 2020 EMI conference in New York City, NY. 


  1. Participant(s) should be a student (any educational level) at the time of submission.
  2. The lead author / student needs to be present / registrant in the 2020 EMI conference in New York City, NY.
  3. Several co-authors can submit a single paper.
  4. Professors / Advisors can be co-authors. However, the main author should be a student, as per #1, above.
  5. The paper needs to be accepted to a regular presentation within the conference. Also, a shorter presentation is expected by the lead student in a special session at the EMI conference, see below.


- Oral presentation of the paper during a special session within the 2020 EMI Conference. Location / date / time will be announced later.
- Winners will be announced during the above-mentioned session. 


Financial prizes are donated to Objective Resilience Committee Student Competition by private entities. Specifically. funds for the 2020 prizes were donated by an anonymous donor. The financial awards are $500.00, $300.00, and $200.00 for 1 st , 2 nd , and 3 rd winners, respectively. (Co-authoring students will share the monetary prize. Only student authors are eligible for monetary prizes). 

Also, all top three winners will receive EMI certificates. In additions, letters of commendation shall be sent to the top three winners and their school's department head, as appropriate.


  • Participants should submit an abstract in the thematic area of objective resilience through the conference paper management system to the track of their choice by the conference deadline.
  • Send an expression of interest to participate.
  • Forward the abstract acceptance notification to Dr. Mohammed Ettouney within one week of the abstract acceptance notice.
  • Submit an eight-page [1] (double-spaced) full paper to the competition organizing committee (email to Dr. Mohammed Ettouney ) by April 15, 2020. Please use a PDF file type. To ensure consistency, please use the ASCE Journal manuscript requirements in preparing your 8 double spaced pages paper. The ASCE manuscript requirements can be found at: .
  • Present the paper at the conference, participating student must be the principal author of the paper.
  • Following the special session presentation, a panel of expert judges will choose the top three winning papers. Criteria will be based on: written paper (50 pts.), Presentation quality (30 pts.), and ensuing Q/A period with judges (20 pts.)

Awards will be presented to the competition winners during the award ceremony at the conference.

Note: Participants may not enter more than one EMI 2020 student paper/poster competition.

[1] Or four single-spaced pages.