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EMI Computational Mechanics Student Poster Competition

Friday, January 17, 2020

Sponsored by: EMI Computational Mechanics Committee (CMC)
Chair: Prof. John Brigham


  • Encourage student involvement in Computational Mechanics fields within EMI.
  • Expose students to Computational Mechanics research of other groups.
  • Facilitate student interactions with faculty and other students to build up strong networking and be ready to take on future responsibilities within the technical community.  
  • Improve their technical writing and presentation skill, as well as to promote high‐quality submissions to the flagship journal of EMI, the Journal of Engineering Mechanics.

Requirements and Deadlines

  1. Be the lead author of an abstract submitted to the EMI conference by the designated conference deadline and register for EMI 2020.
  2. Be a full time student at the time of abstract submission and the main contributor to the research.
  3. Participate only in the CMC student competition. Participation in multiple competitions will automatically disqualify you from this competition.
  4. Submit the following documents via email to the CMC chair, Prof. John Brigham ( ): ‎
    a.  Three‐page paper (PDF file) ‐ supplemental to your poster, for Part I of the competition - by April 10, 2020
    b.  One research slide (PDF file) ‐ for the blitz presentation, for Part II of the competition - by May 8, 2020  
    c.  Poster (standard size: 4 ft high, 3 ft wide) - printed and brought with you to the conference, for Part III of the competition.


  • One winner and two runner‐ups will be selected and named as the CMC student poster competition winners.
  • A cash prize and certificate will be awarded.
  • All three finalists will receive a complementary banquet ticket.


The competition will consists of three parts: 

  1. Part I: Short‐Paper review - Judges will review the three‐page papers submitted, before the conference.
  2. Part II: Blitz slide presentation of the research - Each participant will have 2 minutes to introduce their research to the broader audience before the poster competition. This part is intended for student networking and visibility within the EMI community.
  3. Part III: Poster competition - Judges go over all the posters with a 5-minute Q&A session at each poster.


  •  A panel of up to three judges will be selected from the CMC membership. The selection will be based on all three components of the competition.
  • Students must participate in all three parts of the competition. The CMC chair will inform all students the date and time of the Blitz and Poster sessions prior to the conference.
  • One winner and two runner‐ups will be selected by the judges based on the quality of the paper, poster and the oral introductory presentation.
  • Awards will be presented to the winners at the conference banquet.
  • Participants may not enter more than one EMI 2020 student paper/poster competition.