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Poromechanics Student Poster Competition

Friday, January 17, 2020

Sponsored by the: EMI Poromechanics Committee
Chair: Prof. Chloé Arson


  • Encourage student involvement in Poromechanics.
  • Expose students to Poromechanics research from different groups.
  • Facilitate student interactions and encourage the development of strong networking skills.
  • Improve the students' presentation skills, as well as promote high‐quality submissions to the flagship journal of EMI, the Journal of Engineering Mechanics.

Requirements and Deadlines:

  1. Be the lead author of an accepted abstract and register for EMI 2020. 
  2. Be a full time student at the time of abstract submission.
  3. Participate only in the Poromechanics student competition. Participation to multiple competitions will automatically disqualify a participant.
  4. Submit the following documents to the Poromechanics chair, Prof. Chloé Arson at:
    • a.One research slide (PDF file) providing an introductory description of the research area of the participant, associated with Part I of the competition - by May 10, 2020
    • b.Poster (standard size: 4 ft high, 3 ft wide) - printed and brought to the conference, for Part II of the competition.


  • One winner and two runner‐ups will be selected and named as the Poromechanics student poster competition winners.
  • A cash prize and certificate will be awarded.
  • All three finalists will receive a complementary banquet ticket.


A panel of up to three judges will be selected from the Poromechanics membership. Judges will go over all the posters with a 5-minute Q&A session at each poster. 


  • One winner and two runner‐ups will be selected by the judges based on the quality of the poster and the related oral presentation.
  • Awards will be presented to the winners at the conference banquet.
  • Participants may not enter more than one EMI 2020 student paper/poster competition.