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The Objective Resilience Student Paper Competition Winners

Friday, July 10, 2020

Sponsored by the:EMI Objective Resilience Committee (ORC)
Committee Chair: Dr. Mohammed Ettouney

The committee held its 2020 student paper competition virtually, and announced the following winners.

To encourage and promote research, development, understanding, successful and efficient applications of infrastructure resilience in an objective manner.  Congratulations to the winners!

Reza Sheibani

Mohamadreza Sheibani 
University of Utah
Paper title:  "An Effective Framework for Regional Post-Earthquake Damage Inference of Buildings with Gaussian Process Regression"

Ahmed Abdelhady
Ahmed U. Abdelhady 
University of Michigan
Paper title:  "A Framework for the Probabilistic Quantification of Community Resilience Against Hurricanes"

Nariman Laal DehghaniNariman Laal Dehghani  
Ohio State University 
Paper title:  "Resilience Enhancement of Aging Power Distribution Systems using Deep Reinforcement Learning"