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Call for Nominations for the EMI Board of Governors

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Nominate a candidate for the EMI Board of Governors by April 12

EMI is initiating the election process for one (1) open position for the EMI Board of Governors.  This position is for a three-year term, starting October 1, 2021.

Duties of the Board of Governors:

  • Oversees and directs the affairs, activities and concerns of the Institute
  • Establishes and modifies policies and procedures
  • Creates and dissolves organizational elements, councils, and committees
  • Appoints and discharges representatives and special delegates; appoints committee chairs, members of the Editorial Board of the EMI journals, and members of the EMI Awards Committee
  • Takes actions consistent with the EMI Bylaws for the purpose of accomplishing the vision and mission of the Institute (article 7.0)
  • Approves the budget of the Institute
  • Approves the publication of EMI books and committee reports
  • Ratifies the awards selection process

While serving on the EMI Board of Governors, members will not be eligible to be considered for an award administered by EMI and are prohibited from writing nomination or support letters for candidates for such awards.

In accordance with the provisions of the EMI Bylaws, the nomination process will be as follows:

Candidates must be members in good standing of the Institute and also members in good standing of the Society.  Student Members of the Institute are not eligible to serve on the Board of Governors (Article 7.2).

Nomination package:

  1. A letter of nomination
  2. A vita or resume (no page limitation)
  3. A letter from the nominee stating he/she is willing to serve if elected (Article 8.3)

The nomination package is due by to: Dr. Amar Chaker,  EMI Director.