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EMI Poromechanics Committee Updates

Monday, April 12, 2021

Purpose: to promote fundamental and applied research in the mechanics of porous materials using observational, analytical, and computational techniques.

The mission of the Poromechanics committee is to:
I.  Promote fundamental and applied research in the mechanics of porous materials using experimental, analytical, and computational techniques and including materials from naturally made (rock, soil, bone, etc.) to man-made (concrete, ceramics, foams, etc.);

II.  Provide a supportive and inclusive network for the researchers and engineers in the field of poromechanics at any stage in their career and with diverse backgrounds;

III.  Disseminate latest research in poromechanics and its essential ideas in the form of workshops, conferences, symposia and dedicated student poster session at the EMI.

Poromechanics Scholarly Products
Access a list of publications authored by the EMI poromechanics committee. The list is interactive. Visitors can read abstracts in one click, and download the manuscripts if they have proper subscriptions. Citations of the publications are downloadable in various formats, including bibtex and cvs.

Poromechanics Education Resources
Access poromechanics educational resources authored by the EMI poromechanics committee.


Biot-Bažant Conference, June 1-3, 2021, Northwestern University
Registration now open
A one-time event that will merge the Biot Poromechanics Conference of 2021 and the Concreep11+ conference of 2020 (which had to be postponed). A hybrid conference that will mix online and in-person attendance, with video proceedings. 


Poromechanics Student Poster Competition
Sponsored by: Poromechanics Committee  

The Poromechanics Committee of ASCE-EMI is organizing a Student Poster Competition. The competition is open to any student. Students whose abstracts are accepted by the EMI/PMC Conference  are eligible for this competition.


April 20, 2021 -  One research slide (PDF file) providing an introductory description of the research area of the participant, associated with Part I of the competition.
May 5, 2021 -  Virtual Poster - video recording of the poster presentation.

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