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EMI 2021 Student Competition Winners

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Congratulations to all the 2021 student competition winners, and many thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of this year's competitions, including the chairs, and the jury members!

Computational Mechanics Committee Student Paper Competition
Nathan Shauer pic

WINNER: Nathan Shauer
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Paper: " Simulation of Wave Propagation in Fluid-filled Fractures within a GFEM Framework "

Longzhen Wang pic
RUNNER UP: Longzhen Wang
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Paper: " Connections Between Peridynamics and Graph Laplacian for Diffusion Problems "

Fei Fan pic
The University of Hong Kong
Paper: " Phase-field Modeling of Shear Fracture in Geomaterials "

Dynamics Committee Student Paper Competition

Aikaterini Kyprioti pic

FIRST PLACE: Aikaterini Kyprioti
University of Notre Dame
Paper: " Kriging Surrogate Modeling for Approximating EDP Distributions under Stochastic Ground Motion Excitations "

Pu Ren
Northeastern University
Paper: " PhyCRNet: Physics-informed Convolutional-Recurrent Network for Solving Spatiotemporal PDEs "

Fernando Gomez pic
SECOND PLACE: Fernando Gomez 
The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Paper:" Topology optimization of tall buildings subjected to stochastic wind excitation "

Ehsan Osloub pic
THIRD PLACE: Ehsan Osloub
University at Buffalo
Paper:" Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Electrical Conductors Interconnecting High-Voltage Substation Equipment "

Elasticity Committee Student Paper Competition

Sansit Patnaik pic

WINNER: Sansit Patnaik
Purdue University
Paper: " Fractional Order Kinematic Approach to Nonlocal Elasticity "

Modeling Inelasticity & Multiscale Behavior Committee Student Paper Competition

Jinlei Shen pic
FIRST PLACE: Jinlei Shen
Johns Hopkins University
Paper: " Microstructure-informed Fatigue Crack Nucleation Prediction for Dual Phase Ti-64 Alloys using Experimentally validated Parametrically Homogenized Constitutive Models "

Preetam Tarafder pic
SECOND PLACE: Preetam Tarafder
Johns Hopkins University 
Paper: " A Finite Deformation Cohesive Zone Enhanced Phase Field Model for Crack Propagation in Multi-phase Microstructures"

Damin Xia pic
Vanderbilt University
Paper: " Reduced-Order Computational Homogenization for Multiscale Problems with Large Deformation"

Objective Resilience Committee Student Paper Competition

Mohammad Aghababaei pic
FIRST PLACE: Mohammad Aghababaei
Texas A & M University
Paper: " An Agent-Based Modeling Approach for Community Resilience Assessment Accounting for System Interdependencies: Application on Education System"

Ahmed Akl pic
McMaster University
Paper: " Seismic Robustness of Low-Rise Concrete Infrastructure Systems "

Zachary Bunn

THIRD PLACE: Zachary Bunn
US Military Academy
Paper: " Performance-Based Design of Reinforced Concrete Members Subject to Blast Loading "

Julia Wyatt pic

THIRD PLACE: Julia Wyatt  
US Military Academy
Paper: " Performance-Based Design of Reinforced Concrete Members Subject to Blast Loading "

THIRD PLACE: Joshua Burns  
US Military Academy
Paper: " Performance-Based Design of Reinforced Concrete Members Subject to Blast Loading

Poromechanics Committee Student Poster Competition

Yidong Zhao
WINNER: Yidong Zhao
The University Hong Kong
Paper: " Stabilized Material Point Methods for Large Deformation in Fluid-infiltrated Porous Materials

Omar Villarreal pic
RUNNER UP: Omar Rodriguez Villarreal
University of Pau and the Pays de l'Adour/Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon
Paper: " Estimation of Fracture Energy from Hydraulic Fracture Tests on Mortar and Rocks at Geothermal Reservoir Temperatures

Mehdi E Ghadi pic
RUNNER UP: Mehdi Eskandari-Ghadi
University of Colorado Boulder
Paper" " Effect of pore size distribution on sorption-induced deformation of porous material "

Probabilistic Methods Committee Student Paper Competition

Min Li pic
Colorado State University
Paper: " Generative Adversarial Network Guided Topology Optimization of Periodic Structures via Subset Simulation "

Bowei Li pic
WINNER: Bowei Li
University of Michigan
Paper: "A Deep Learning Metamodeling Framework for High-dimensional Nonlinear and Dynamic Structural Systems Subject to Stochastic Excitation "

Dimitrios Patsialis pic
WINNER: Dimitrios Patsialis
University of Notre Dame
Paper: " Multi-fidelity Monte Carlo simulation for efficient seismic risk assessment "

Stability Committee Student Paper Competition

Adam Bekele pic
FIRST PLACE: Adam Bekele
Imperial College London
Paper: " Enhancing Energy Absorption through metamaterial instabilities "

Luke Lapira pic SECOND PLACE: Luke Lapira
Imperial College London
Paper: " Nonlinear modelling of hyperbolic paraboloid plates under pure shear "

Structural Health Monitoring & Control Committee Student Paper Competition

Mohamadreza Sheibani pic
FIRST PLACE: Mohamadreza Sheibani 
University of Utah
Paper: " Prediction of Hurricane-Related Power Outage with a Population-Based Structural Health Monitoring Approach

Kyle Hom pic
SECOND PLACE: Kyle Leland Hom  
Columbia University
Paper: " Damage Identification Using x-Vectors for Structural Health Monitoring "

Jingxiao Liu
THIRD PLACE: Jingxiao Liu 
Stanford University
Paper: " Hierarchical model transfer between bridges for multi-task damage diagnosis using drive-by vehicles "