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Risk, Uncertainty, and Probabilistic Approaches Committee Seeking New Members

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Risk, Uncertainty, and Probabilistic Approaches (RUPA) Committee is a committee of professionals drawn from the academic, government, and engineering worlds, and is actively seeking new members to join in the exciting activities that the Committee is currently undertaking. This Committee is a standing technical committee under the governance of ASCE/EWRI's Watershed Council. The Committee's purpose is to promote risk, uncertainty, and probabilistic approaches for hydrologic sciences and engineering and disseminate state-of-the-art knowledge and research results to water resources professionals.

The specific goals of the Committee are to (1) provide a forum to stimulate discussions and research on risk, uncertainty, and probabilistic approaches for hydrologic and hydraulic applications; (2) promote the growth of research activities in these areas and provide visibility of RUPA research results to water resources professionals and the public; (3) advance engineering knowledge and practice through the inspiration and guidance of research; (4) provide effective means to convert research results into forms useful to practitioners and assist in the dissemination of such results; and (5) collaborate with other EWRI committees and external sister organizations (e.g., AGU, AWRA, IAHR, etc.) having an interest in risk, uncertainty and probabilistic approaches.

The Committee has been involved in a wide variety of activities, including the organization of technical programs, including sessions, symposia, and tracks, for ASCE/EWRI national and international conferences. The Committee also coordinates specialty webinars, workshops, and conferences for EWRI. The Committee is involved in the development and review various ASCE technical publications and manuals of practice. In addition, the Committee conducts nomination and review of candidates for various ASCE/EWRI awards.

The Committee is currently establishing task committees to produce work products and support EWRI and the Watershed Council's missions. The Committee holds annual meetings, as well as periodic teleconferences to discuss emerging issues. We invite all interested ASCE and EWRI members to consider joining our committee by contacting one of the officers indicated below:

Li-Chuan Chen, Chair (
David Williams, Past Chair, (