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FY2019 Vice President Official Nominee Statement

Monday, May 7, 2018

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My desire to serve and lead the Environmental and Water Resources Institute (EWRI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers is founded on the institute's objective "to provide for the technical, educational and professional needs of its members, and to serve the public in the use, conservation, and protection of natural resources and in the enhancement of human well-being." Throughout my 30+ year career in public service, I have been intimately involved in managing and operating complex multi-purpose water resource infrastructure and addressing challenging ecosystem problems. I have been involved in water resources policy development early in my career as an engineer finding technical solutions to most recently as a federal agency representative in policy negotiations at the level of the Whitehouse Council of Environmental Quality and US State Department, and appearing before members of Congress to address ecosystem problems such as invasive species and harmful algal blooms. This has given me a deep understanding of environmental and water resources challenges spanning natural and built systems, and the necessity of advancing the profession to rise to these difficult and rapidly changing problems.

EWRI is the community of practice that provides the collaborative space for its diverse members to address the intertwined technical and policy solutions needed to address these challenges. As an officer of the Institute, I will bring my proven leadership abilities and business experience in managing large public research and engineering organizations to ensuring a vital Institute that provides for the advancement of the profession and development of its members. The three tenants of my leadership will be to:

  1. energize the technical councils to identify the most difficult environmental and water resources problems and bring their interdisciplinary efforts to bear to innovate solutions
  2. continue to advance the profession through the development of a diverse and engaged young membership and by encouraging licensure and post-licensure specialty certification of the experienced membership
  3. ensure the Institute runs efficiently and effectively on sound business principles and is responsive to its membership