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Engineers Week

Feb 17-23, 2019

Engineers: Inspiring Wonder - February 17-23, 2019

ASCE partners with DiscoverE (formerly the National Engineers Week Foundation) to shine a spotlight on engineering. Engineers Week is a time to:

  • Celebrate how engineers make a difference in our world
  • Increase public dialogue about the need for engineers
  • Bring engineering to life for kids, educators, and parents

Promotional Materials

Plan To Get Messy

What would Engineers Week be without rolling up your sleeves and doing hands-on activities with kids?

Engineer's Week All Year Long

Who said visits to schools, libraries and after-school programs are limited to February? These groups love visitors year-round.

Recognize Volunteers

Engineers Week is the perfect time to celebrate the work volunteers do throughout the year to promote civil engineering in their communities. Every year ASCE invites each Section and Branch to recognize outstanding volunteers. These volunteers may have been involved in local community service, Engineers Without Borders, K-12 outreach, or other acts of service.

The volunteers recognized for outstanding service for 2018 are:

Region 1

  • Paul Byrd, Mohawk-Hudson Section
  • Malcolm McLaren, Metropolitan Section - Lower Hudson Valley Branch
  • William Frank, Mohawk-Hudson Section - Mid-Hudson Branch
  • Bill Finch, Syracuse Section

Region 2

  • Norine Walker, National Capital Section
  • Shainur Ahsan, National Capital Section - Reston Branch

Region 3

  • Melinda Bacon, Michigan Section - Southwestern Branch
  • Alexa Ducioame, North Dakota Section
  • Eva Vargas, Cleveland Section
  • Larry Ryan, Wisconsin Section
  • Kyle Bareither, Wisconsin Section - Southeast Branch
  • Teresa Davis, Wisconsin Section - Northwest Branch

Region 4

  • Ryan Tinsley, Kentucky Section - Louisville Branch
  • Nancy Bridwell, Kentucky Section
  • Kenneth Perkins, Tennessee Section - Nashville Branch
  • Christina Ammens, Virginia Section

Region 5

  • Christin Gorman, Florida Section - Tallahassee Branch
  • Curt Basnett, Florida Section - Florida West Coast
  • Jason Christian, Georgia Section - Northeast Georgia Branch

Region 6

  • Jennifer Butler, Oklahoma Section
  • Gregory Wilber, Oklahoma Section - Oklahoma City Branch
  • William Hayes, Texas Section - Corpus Christi Branch
  • Jennifer Smith, Texas Section - Dallas Branch
  • Omar Venzor, Texas Section - Dallas
  • Linda Barlow, Texas Section - Austin Branch

Region 7

  • Stacey Tucker-Kulesza, Kansas Section

Region 8

  • Seth Brakke, Alaska Section - Ketchikan Branch
  • Nicole Yount, Alaska Section - Mat-Su Branch
  • Don Gotschall, Alaska Section - Juneau Branch
  • Robert Perkins, Alaska Section - Fairbanks Branch
  • Clark Milne, Alaska Section - Fairbanks Branch
  • Jose Aguilar, Arizona Section - Southern Arizona Branch
  • Frederick Tack, Arizona Section - Phoenix Branch
  • Sophia Burkhart, Oregon Section - Southwest Washington Branch
  • Stuart Jantze, Oregon Section - Capital Branch

Region 9

  • Matt Bowles, San Francisco Section
  • Michelle Davidson, San Francisco Section - North Coast Branch

What you can do to recognize volunteer service:

  • Every Section and Branch of ASCE is invited to submit the name of an outstanding Engineers Week volunteer for recognition.
  • Hold an Engineers Week banquet or luncheon to honor volunteers.
  • Write letters to volunteers' employers telling them of the volunteer's accomplishments.
  • Include a volunteer feature in your eNewsletter
  • Do you have an outstanding young volunteer (college or professional under 30 years of age)? Nominate him or her as a New Face of Civil Engineering.

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