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Exam Review Policies & Requirements

  • General Information

    ASCE Individual Guarantee: With the ASCE guarantee, if you do not pass your exam, provide us with proof of exam results and we will enroll you in the next exam course for free. 

    PDHs/CEUs: Exam Review courses do not provide CEUs or PDHs. A certificate of completion can be obtained at the end of the course by completing the online evaluation form. 

    Copyright: Recording or distribution outside of your site is prohibited. Reproduction of exam review course handout material or pictures without written permission of the copyright holder is in violation U.S. law. 

    On-Demand Recordings: Available in myLearning within 1-2 business days following the live exam review course sessions. 


    Individual Rate: A registration at the individual rate provides access to the course for 1 individual from 1 computer and includes access to the on-demand recordings anytime and anywhere. 

    Group Rate: With a registration at the group rate, any number of participants can attend the sessions at a single location. It does not permit you to have access from multiple sites or to transmit to another site. 

    Access Live Sessions

    Purchaser (by you or under your name)

    1. Login to (using your ASCE account email and password) 
    2. Click on "Access" under the webinar title 
    3. Follow the on-screen instructions to view the live webinar and hear the audio 

    Webinar Coordinator (Group Purchases ONLY - purchased by someone else) 

    Note: If you did not purchase the live review course but will be launching, you must obtain the "Order Number" from the purchaser. 

    1. Login (using your ASCE account email and password - create one if you do not have an account) 
    2. Enter the "Order Number of the Webinar Purchaser" and hit "Find Order" 
    3. Select the exam review course for which you will be the Webinar Coordinator 
    4. Select "Confirm" 
    5. You will immediately be directed to myLearning to "access" your order 

    How to Access Recordings

    Individual (you purchased the course)

    1. Login (using your ASCE account email and password) to
    2. Click on "Access" under the course title 
    3. Click on "View Recording" 

    Group Attendees 

    Note: Group Attendee registrations can be added after session #1 has ended. 

    1. Obtain the "Order Number" for the course from your purchaser or coordinator. 
    2. Login (using your ASCE account email and password - create one if you do not have an account) 
    3. Enter the "Order Number" 
    4. Select the course you attended 
    5. After your order is processed, go to 
    6. Click on "Access" under the course title 
    7. Click on "View Recording" 

    Device and Technical Requirements

    Browser and Operation System: An Internet connection, web browser, and Adobe Flash Player 13 or greater are needed to attend the live webinar using Adobe Connect.  Test your computer to ensure your computer and network connections are properly configured to provide you with the best possible meeting experience. 

    Pop-up Blockers: All Pop-up blockers must be disabled. 

    Audio: Listen through your computer's speakers or use a telephone. 

    Accessing Outside of the U.S.: You may access audio via your computer. If using the optional phone service, long distance charges may apply. 

    Mobile Device Users: 
    The Adobe Connect Mobile Application is available for the following mobile devices/platforms: 

    After downloading the Adobe Connect App you will  login to myLearning to access your webinar.

    If you need additional assistance: 

    Other requirements

    To view handouts you must have  Adobe Reader installed on your computer. 

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