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History & Heritage

  • Civil engineers shape history. Get to know the people, their projects, and ASCE's efforts to ensure they will be remembered.

  • Historic Civil Engineering Landmark Program

    Historic Civil Engineering Landmark PlaqueThe  Historic Civil Engineering Landmark Program recognizes historically significant local, national, and international civil engineering projects, structures, and sites.  See the complete list of national and international landmarks.

    ASCE’s  History and Heritage Committee  leads this major initiative as well as the following related activities.

    History and Heritage Awards

    To promote the visibility of civil engineering history, ASCE offers history and heritage-related awards at both the national and the  Section level.

    Symposia and Publications

    On occasion, ASCE and the History and Heritage Committee produce history symposia and accompanying proceedings, such as one for the Hoover Dam’s 75th anniversary in October 2010, and for the  200th anniversary of the birth of John A. Roebling – the designer of the Brooklyn Bridge, which was held in October 2006 near the bridge.

    ASCE also offers many books that look back at the history of civil engineering in all its facets, from biographies of some of the legends, to the role of women, to technical looks at the advancement of engineering approaches and technologies.

    State/Local History and Heritage Programs

    Learn what it takes to advance civil engineering history and heritage in your state.

    View examples of state history and heritage programs:

    For more information on History & Heritage programs, contact Jennifer Lawrence.