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Industry Leaders Council

  • The Industry Leaders Council engages senior leaders from industry, academia, government, and non-governmental organizations to identify tactical actions for ASCE and the civil engineering profession.

    Membership on the ILC is by invitation only.  Council members commit to a two (2) year term of service.  Potential candidates are nominated by their peers and those candidates selected to join the ILC receive an invitation from the ILC Chair and ASCE Executive Director.

    Interested in learning more about the ILC?  The ILC is always looking for dedicated, active, and dynamic leaders to join them in their work for the industry.  Please contact Carol Vargas, Director of Industry Relations and view the ILC Overview for additional information.

  • Be heard

    A key responsibility for the ILC is to ask questions to identify the current and emerging challenges and issues that need solutions for the 21st Century. 

    Send us your ideas about emerging challenges and issues that the industry needs to address.