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  • Every family and business needs infrastructure to thrive – from the road you travel to work, to the pipes that deliver clean drinking water, to the inland waterways and rail that move goods from coast to coast.

  • Report Card for America's Infrastructure  

    The 2021 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure found the nation’s infrastructure earns a cumulative grade of a “C-.” This is an improvement over the 2017 grade of a “D+” and is an indication that modest improvements have been made to our infrastructure systems over the past four years. However, 11 categories are still in the “D” range, including the newest infrastructure sector to the report card, stormwater.

    ASCE evaluated 17 categories in the 2017 Report Card, with grades ranging from a “B” for Rail to a “D-” for Transit. Due to increased investment and smart policy, grades improved in aviation, drinking water, energy, inland waterways, and ports. One infrastructure category – bridges – saw a decrease in grade. In addition to grading 17 categories of infrastructure, the report found a $2.59 trillion investment gap over 10 years between what we are currently projected to spend and what we must spend to bring our systems back to a state of good repair. 

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  • State and Regional Infrastructure Report Cards

    Local ASCE experts have prepared State and Regional Infrastructure Report Cards following the methodology of the national Report Card to raise awareness about local infrastructure needs.

    Infrastructure Policy Reports 

    ASCE members have contributed their expertise to develop several reports highlighting national infrastructure trends, innovations, and policy dilemmas that are of interest to policymakers and the public.

    Infrastructure News

    Get news and updates from ASCE on infrastructure issues and the needs in your state.

    Tools & Training

    Find out more about the advocacy and policy resources.

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    that America's infrastructure needs their attention!  

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