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Policy Statement 131 - Growth and Development


Approved by the Infrastructure and Research Policy Committee on July 17, 2013
Approved by the Public Policy Committee on August 14, 2013
Adopted by the Board of Direction on October 8, 2013


The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) supports sustainable growth and development which incorporates appropriate urban scale and form, diversity of land use and good engineering design to achieve a balance between the interests of the individual, the community and the natural and built environments. Community planning should balance community concerns, private initiatives and local, state, and regional planning objectives. Public and private infrastructure should be concurrent with the development it supports and should be managed at the lowest appropriate level of government.


Community development plans should be consistent with the principles of sustainable development as defined by ASCE and supported by a strong institutional framework and appropriate public and private infrastructure. Such plans should support the redevelopment of existing facilities when possible and the use of appropriate technology to improve services and environmental quality.


The Civil Engineer's role is to plan, design and implement the built environment in service to society and in conformance with the principles of sustainable development. Civil Engineers provide leadership in the implementation of vital development and redevelopment plans and new technologies to sustainably support increased populations.

ASCE Policy Statement 131
First Approved pre-1974