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  • 2019-2020 ASCE Board Of Direction

    Presidential Officers


    • Kwame A. Agyare, P.E., M.ASCE, Region 9
    • Marsha D. Anderson Bomar, AICP, F.ASCE, Technical Region
    • Robert L. Cagle III, P.E., F.ASCE, Region 4
    • Anthony  L. Cioffi, P.E., F.ASCE, Region 1
    • Tony CG Lau, ENV SP, P.E., F.ASCE, Region 8
    • Brian D. McKeehan, P.E., ENV SP, F.ASCE, Technical Region
    • Roger M. Millar, Jr., P.E., AICP, F.ASCE, At-Large
    • Peter M. Moore, P.E., F.ASCE, Region 5
    • David J. Odeh, P.E., S.E., SECB, F.SEI, F.ASCE, Technical Region
    • Jerry B. Paz, ENV SP, P.E., M.ASCE, Region 6
    • Feniosky A. Pena-Mora, Sc.D., CCM, FCIOB, NAC, P.E., M.ASCE, At-Large
    • Jack A. Raudenbush, P.E., M.ASCE, Region 2
    • Elias Boutros Sayah, Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE, Region 10
    • Edward W. Stafford, P.E., PTOE, F.ASCE, Region 7
    • Carl C. Sutter, P.E., F.ASCE, Region 3

    Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer

    • Jennifer B. Epp, P.E., F.ASCE, Treasurer
    • Maria C. Lehman, P.E., F.ASCE, Assistant Treasurer



    • Tara Hoke, Aff.M.ASCE, Parliamentarian and General Counsel

    2019-2020 ASCE Executive Committee

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