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Leadership Training

  • From ASCE’s vision to our key forward-thinking strategies, ASCE believes being effective leaders in our organizations, local communities, and on a global scale is crucial for the future of the civil engineering profession and the world’s infrastructure.  Get involved in one of the following programs to develop your leadership skills and advance your career.

  • Power Skills Series – expert-led seminars to power your career

    Participate in ASCE's in-depth seminar series aimed at developing the next generation of civil engineering leaders. This series will provide young professionals with training in leadership and interpersonal skills development. Participants will leave with increased confidence in leadership, deepened interpersonal skills, and specific actions they can take to continue with their leadership journey. 1-day sessions will be scheduled around the country beginning in March. Check back soon for more details.

    Continuing Education

    Register for ASCE-offered courses on a variety of leadership and management topics to build, enhance and refine your skills.

    Journal of Management in Engineering

    Developing sound management skills will help you in your journey as a leader. ASCE’s Journal of Management in Engineering offers an avenue for researchers and practitioners to share contemporary issues associated with management and leadership for the civil engineer.

    Legislative Fly-in

    Become a part of the legislative process by participating in this annual two-day program in Washington, D.C. Attendees meet with elected officials to advocate for technical and professional issues.

    PR University

    Participate in this hands-on workshop in Washington D.C. and major cities around the country to gain an introduction to public relations, learn tools and tips for implementing public relations into local activities and professional work, and build a network of engineering advocates across the country. Sections and branches interested in PR University should contact Becky Moylan, manager of state public relations, to schedule training in their respective state. 

    Professional Skills Series in Leadership and Management

    Offer the Professional Skills Series in Leadership and Management through your local Section, Branch or Younger Member Council.  The courses provide guidance, training and practical leadership and management concepts for civil engineers with less than 10 years of experience.  At a low cost, ASCE provides the course content, while local groups are responsible for securing a facilitator and organizing the course locally.

    Sections and Branches

    Build your leadership skills as an officer of your local group through participation in the Multi-Region Leadership Conference and the Presidents and Governors Forum, and gain access to additional leadership training opportunities. 

    Younger Member Leadership Symposium

    Register for the Younger Member Leadership Symposium (YMLS), a two-day leadership workshop that focuses on early-career professional skills development to help ASCE Younger Members succeed and lead in the workplace. The YMLS is an annual event open to all ASCE Younger Members, age 35 and under.