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Daniel W. Mead Prize for Students

Nomination Deadline: March 1st

The prize was established and endowed in 1939 by Daniel W. Mead, Hon.M.ASCE, a Society past president. The contest provides an opportunity for alert young civil engineers to further their professional development and gain national attention.


Up to five winners will be chosen. First place will receive a plaque. Other winners will receive certificates. 

Read the 2021 Award-Winning Paper (PDF)

2022 Topic

ASCE updated the Code of Ethics in October 2020. When comparing the latest version with the previous version, what impact will the changes have on the civil engineering profession?

Links to the former and current codes can be found here .

Entries for the contest shall be limited to one paper from each ASCE or AEI Student Organization and must be submitted through the Faculty Advisor.

Questions should be directed to ASCE Student Programs.


  1. The Daniel W. Mead Prize for Students may be awarded annually on the basis of a paper on professional ethics.  Each year the specific topic   of the contest for the forthcoming year shall be selected by the Committee on Student Members for the Student Award.
  2. Members of Student Organizations of the Society who are in good standing at the time their papers are submitted are eligible for the contest, unless they have previously received the national award for which they are competing.
  3. Papers for the national contests shall (a) be limited to one paper from each Student Organization; (b) not exceed 2,000 words in length; (c) be written by only one person; and (d) not have previously been published in other school or Society publications.
  4. The Committee on Student Members shall review each submission and recommend the top five student papers as Society finalists, of which one may be selected as the national winner for approval by the Executive Committee.
  5. All finalists shall receive an appropriate certificate recognizing their achievements. If there is a national winner, they shall receive a wall plaque rather than a certificate.

Submission Instructions

A completed submission will consist of  a single .pdf file containing:

  1. Cover letter, from the Faculty Advisor stating the name, ASCE/AEI member ID number, mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address for the paper's author.
  2. The paper being submitted.

The name of the file shall follow this format:

Mead Student Prize -  Author's Last Name - Name of University.pdf

Submissions should be sent to [email protected] and must be received on or before 11:59 pm (EST) March 1.

Award Recipients

Elyce Pimentel, S.M.ASCE

Pearce Ferriter, S.M.ASCE

Alec Escamilla, S.M.ASCE

Samantha Cristol, S.M.ASCE

Alec Ramirez, S.M.ASCE

All Recipients