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ASCE Fellows have made celebrated contributions and developed creative solutions that change lives around the world. It is a prestigious honor held by 4% of ASCE's professional members.

dues: $280

There is no direct admission to the grade of Fellow. Fellow status must be attained by professional accomplishments via application and election by the Membership Application Review Committee (MARC).

  • Minimum requirements are 10 years of responsible charge in the grade of Member and a P.E. or P.L.S. license.
  • Members may request a waiver of specific requirements.

Planning to apply for ASCE Fellow in the future? We'd like to help. Here are some suggestions.

International member? Here are some suggestions to help you reach Fellow if you reside outside of the U.S.A.

Fellows Exclusive Benefits

In the year of your election you will receive:

  • Receive a cherry-wood framed certificate, a pin, lanyard, and ribbons
  • Receive a Fellow membership card
  • Have a bio and photo published in the Civil Engineering Source

Ongoing benefits for Fellows:

  • Enjoy a VIP lounge at the ASCE Convention
  • Complimentary Fellow pad folio at the ASCE Convention
  • Ability to use the Fellow logo for their personal or business communications
  • Dedicated ASCE Staff Liaison to assist Fellows with all of their membership needs 

New Fellows at OPAL Gala 2020
New Fellows at OPAL Gala 2020 | Photo credit: Nick Klein

if you have this degree

then you need these credentials

  1. Current ASCE member
  2. AND be a licensed Professional Engineer or Professional Land Surveyor in the United States or in the country in which the member resides (if such licensure is available)
  3. AND nominated by an organizational entity of the Society (this includes Section or Branch Presidents, Board of Direction members, Institute Board of Governors members, and Chairs of Standing Board Committees)
  4. AND have had responsible charge for not less than 10 years, in the grade of Member, of important work in engineering or surveying and be qualified to direct, conceive, plan, or design engineering works OR have had responsible charge* for not less than 10 years, in the grade of Member, of important industrial, business, construction, educational, editorial, research, or engineering society activity, requiring the knowledge and background gained from engineering training and experience.

    *From the Official Register:

    2.0.3 Responsible Charge of Work. Fellow. The standard required for advancement to the grade of Fellow is broad responsibility for engineering work of major importance. The duties and responsibilities of the applicant must have been definitely above those required for the grade of Member. Serving in appointed titled positions is not construed as the sole qualifying criterion. It must be demonstrated that the applicant was the primary (or one of the primary) individual(s) who had responsibility for engineering work and its compliance with applicable codes, standards and specifications, or for the integrity of the plans, documents and reports prepared. For projects requiring a team effort by a group of professionals, engineering work of major importance may include the coordination of several engineering or related disciplines, under the direct or indirect supervision of the applicant. In academia, it shall be demonstrated that the applicant has functioned as a leader, guide or directing head of academic programs. In engineering teaching, the applicant must have taught in an engineering school of recognized standing and must have had at least a grade of associate professor or its equivalent. In the research field, it shall be demonstrated that the applicant has been the principal investigator or has made other major leadership contributions, such as serving on national or international committees outside the individual's institution. 

then you need these credentials

  1. 10 years ASCE membership at the Member grade
  2. A copy of your P.E., P.L.S. license or expiration date, license number and state (US only) 
  3. Entity should submit a Fellow Nomination Form for consideration. 
  4. Have 3 completed Reference Forms emailed to: [email protected]
  5. Submit a Fellow Application Form AND resume or CV.


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