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PR & GR Universities

  • Public Relations University and Government Relations University training workshops for local ASCE leaders in public relations (PR) and government relations (GR) activities. 

  • These half-day or day-long programs give ASCE groups a "crash course" in interacting with the media and/or elected officials. Both PR University and GR University workshops are free of charge and ASCE staff will travel to the section or branch hosting the training.  ASCE can also provide these workshops in a virtual format.  To request a training visit the Power Skills Workshops page.

    Public Relations University

    Public Relations University offers sections and branches a day-long, interactive workshop as introduction to public relations and working with the media. 

    The training prepares ASCE members to successfully promote the profession to the media by covering topics including: 

    • public affairs;
    • the importance of messaging;
    • how to do a media interview; and
    • the principles of communication.

    Government Relations University

    "Is ASCE allowed to lobby legislators?" "How do I invite an elected official to my Section meeting?" Learn the answers to these and many more questions on how your Region, Section, or Branch can better influence policy debates. This day-long, in-depth program will help guide your Section or Branch to expand ASCE's government relations presence at the local and state levels.