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SEI Advances in Information Technology Committee

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The new SEI Advances in Information Technology committee aims to identify, evaluate, explain and advocate for new and emerging information technologies that can transform structural engineering in the future. This committee, chaired by Ron Eguchi (ImageCat, Inc.), held its inaugural committee meeting in Long Beach, California on June 22, 2015. The committee unanimously selected Ting Lin (Marquette University) as the first Vice-Chair.

During this meeting, committee members presented their work on new and emerging technologies for structural assessment and response in the context of disaster risk reduction and community resilience. Past activities were reviewed and future activities planned, which included a potential inaugural workshop that could lead to publications on information technology for monitoring, measuring, and assessing community resilience. Students and young professionals could also be engaged through the SEIFF initiative by encouraging them to share innovative ideas on using technology for community resilience.

The committee recently expanded its initial size of six members - Howard Chung (Acellent Technologies, Inc.), Gian Paolo Cimellaro (Politecnico di Torino), Ron Eguchi (ImageCat, Inc.), Maria Q. Feng (Columbia University), Ting Lin (Marquette University), and Farzad Naeim (Farzad Naeim, Inc.) - to welcome two new members, Henry Burton (University of California, Los Angeles) and Seymour Spence (University of Michigan).

Committee members have been actively involved and playing leading roles in events and organizations related to hazards and resilience with a structural engineering perspective, including 2015 ASCE/SEI Structures Congress, 2015 ASCE/EMI Conference, 2015 Inaugural Panel Meeting for National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Community Resilience Panel (CRP), 2015 ATC-SEI Conference on Improving Seismic Performance of Existing Building and Other Structures, American Geophysical Union (AGU) Natural Hazards Focus Group, and the upcoming 2016 ASCE EMI/PMC Conferences as well as the 1st International Workshop on Resilience. 

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