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Congratulations to 2018 OH Ammann Fellowship Recipient Yujie Yan

Friday, March 1, 2019

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Yujie Yan is a Ph.D student majoring in Structural Engineering at Northeastern University. He is advised by Dr. Jerome F. Hajjar, CDM Smith Professor and Chair in Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. The research project Yujie has been working on focuses on developing unmanned aerial systems (UAS) coupled with visual sensors and state-of-the-art in planning control and data interpretation algorithms to provide a tool for rapid assessment of structures and infrastructures. His research focuses on developing methods and algorithms to enable automated analysis and interpretation of the acquired visual data towards the detection and recognition of key structural elements, documentation of existing surface damage, and creation of high-fidelity finite element models reflecting as-is condition of structures. The resulting methods and algorithms can be utilized to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the routine inspection of deteriorating infrastructures as well as the post-disaster assessment of critical infrastructures after a catastrophic event. His work has been presented at past ASCE/SEI conferences, including Structure Congress 2017 and Structures Congress 2018.

Yujie holds a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Nanjing University of Science and Technology in China and a master's degree in Structural Engineering from Columbia University. During his master's program, he has participated in a research project on investigating the globalloss-of-stability progressive collapse mode of steel moment frames.

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