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Global Practice Guide

Thursday, May 2, 2019

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The Global Practice Guide (the Guide), developed by and for the structural engineering community, highlights those areas requisite for global practice that are beyond the structural engineer's domestic field of training-including culture, design and construction, and legal and financial issues. The intent of this Guide is to raise awareness of-and seed inquiry into- specific topics that can provide appropriate assistance whether you are contemplating global practice, considering go-no-go decisions on specific opportunities, and/or formulating project planning. Technical considerations are highlighted, as well as professional and business considerations. All affect the ability to succeed.

The Guide is the manifestation of the Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) Vision for the Future. This Guide is collaboratively written by SEI members and is produced with funding provided by the SEI Futures Fund.

As an exclusive member benefit you can read the Global Practice Guide on ASCE Collaborate: Integrated Buildings and Structures resource page with your ASCE/SEI login.  

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