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Wood Education Symposium Report

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

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The ASCE/SEI Wood Education Committee (WEC) recognizes that wood design is undergoing significant changes due to the development of new modern materials and manufacturing techniques. Structural engineers are acutely aware of the impact the selection of structural material can have on the environment. The building industry is acknowledging and embracing the contribution of the sustainable qualities of wood to reduce the environmental footprint of a project through its carbon-storing capabilities and renewable qualities. 

The WEC proposed to assemble key stakeholders that were currently involved in any efforts related to improving wood engineering education to collaboratively develop a strategic plan on how to identify and effectively utilize the limited existing resources for development and implementation of wood engineering curriculum. To assure successful outcomes and provide a well-rounded representation it was important to assemble a team that represented key building industry influences including academia, design professionals and wood industry. Since most of the WEC represented the academic sector, a partnership was formed with the National Council of Structural Engineers Association (NCSEA) Basic Education Committee and American Wood Council (AWC). 

A full-day symposium, coinciding with Structures Congress 2017. To learn more about this symposium view the full report:

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