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SEI Member Profile: Angela Fante

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

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Angela Fante (Angie), P.E., SECB, joined Ballinger in 2000, two weeks after graduation from Penn State University's integrated Bachelors and Masters of Architectural Engineering program in the Structural Option. She has emerged as a technical leader within the firm, first as the Structural Group Manager and now as Chief Structural Engineer. Her focus on technical expertise, interdisciplinary coordination, and quality control has been key to the successful completion of many of Ballinger's complex building and renovation projects. In 2011, she was named Young Engineer of the Year by the Engineers' Club of Philadelphia and currently serves as the Chair of the Public Relations Committee for the Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE, as well as a proud member of the SE3 Committee of the NCSEA.

As chair of the Public Relations Committee, Angie is committed to elevating the role of the structural engineer in today's society and believes that as engineers we are obligated to be active, vocal members of our communities. On the project scale, Angie is a strong advocate for the delivery of technically coordinated, multidisciplinary documents as a critical element in implementing today's ever more complex building skins, systems, and project delivery models. SEI has proven to Angie to be an organization embodying these principles for the future of our profession.

SEI is a world-class network of peers and experts. Learning from the multi-dimensional perspective of structural engineers from around the world is inspirational and motivational - my involvement in SEI has made me a better engineer!"

Angela Fante, P.E., SECB, M.ASCE