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SEI Member Profile: Derek Skolnik

Friday, November 8, 2019

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Derek Skolnik P.E., Ph.D., M. ASCE is celebrating 10+ years as a senior project manager at Kinemetrics, Inc., a world leader in earthquake (and now mars-quake!) monitoring technology. He not-so-recently relocated back to his native Chicagoland after a decade in southern California split between earning a Doctorate of Civil Engineering from UCLA and a salary from Kinemetrics. His expertise in structural engineering, sensor network technology, and data processing enables the development and implementation of highly customized monitoring solutions for critical structures such as hospitals, nuclear power plants, financial institutions, and tall buildings. His passion is in the conversion of technical engineering data and information into more meaningful, actionable, and presentable insight for wide audiences.

Derek's impact on the field of earthquake monitoring spans the globe with installations of Kinemetrics' EpiSensor technology ½-mile up to the tip of the Burj Khalifa to ½-mile down in the world's deepest borehole of its kind. Fun fact: a million miles of travel has taken him to nearly 100 cities across over 20 countries.

Derek is especially enjoying the transition from early professional to more of a leadership role with increased involvement within the earthquake and structural engineering communities. For example, he was on the technical committee and served as a moderator at the "Iconic Global Structures: What Can We Learn" conference in Dubai which was the first joint international conference organized by SEI and IStructE and is starting a new role on the executive committee of SEI's Global Activities Division.  

It is a very exciting point in my career right now where I am able to take on more leadership roles within our professional community. For example being part of the Iconic Global Structures Conference in Dubai this year was such a rewarding experience for both my company and myself. As a moderator, I was able to engage with several industry leaders on a more personal level than I ever had before"

Derek Skolnik, P.E., Ph.D., M.ASCE